Best Indian Snack Recipes

Best Indian Snack Recipes
Whether it’s a plateful of piping hot pakoras on a rainy evening or steamed momos served with a fiery red chutney at every street corner – Indians have a penchant for snacking. Spicy, tangy and crunchy all in one bite, we bring you show-stopping snacks bursting with punchy flavours of curry leaves, chillies, ginger, garlic and all the ingredients that make a happy Indian dish. Here’s a list of our best Indian snack recipes – downright divine and ready in no time.

1. Chicken 65
2. Bread Pakora
3. Healthy Pav Bhaji
4. Dal Kachori
5. Gobhi 65
6. Vada Pav
7. Bhajiya Pav
8. Paneer Tikka Roll
9. Moong Dal Samosa
10. Matar Karanji
11. Parsi Mutton Cutlet
12. Khoya & Matar Ki Tikki
13. Chicken Tikka

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Best Indian Snack Recipes