Cretons De Quebec Recipe

Cretons de Quebec is an old-school French-Canadian breakfast favorite. It’s usually served on toast or plain bread. Although I got this from the site… Ingredients: allspice, bread crumbs, cloves, garlic, milk, onions, turkey sausage, salt Recipe Link | Similar Recipes

French Roasted Onion Soup With Thyme Recipe

This is one of my favorite all-time tried-and-true recipes. Omit the cheese for a more lowfat version. Your home will smell wonderful while it is cooking!… Ingredients: salt, thyme, white wine, bay leaves, garlic, gruyere cheese, black pepper, olive oil,…

Brulot Charentais – Angel’s Flames – French Flambé Coffee

Our local and very dramatic end of meal coffee – La Flamme des Anges – Angel?s Flames or Brulot Charentais certainly provides for lively end of dinner… Ingredients: coffee, cognac, sugar Recipe Link | Similar Recipes

Baked French Fry Crispy

This is a simple recipe from Mr. Food. He says that he cooks them longer because everyone likes the crispy bits. After cooking them I discovered that… Ingredients: parsley, french fries, garlic, half and half, black pepper, salt, cheddar cheese…