Competition BBQ Pork Butt Shoulder Smoked Pulled KCBS Weber Smoker How To Harry Soo Tasty Barbeque

Competition BBQ Pork Butt Shoulder Smoked Pulled KCBS Weber Smoker How To Harry Soo Tasty Barbeque
I show you three ways to smoke Competition Pork butt wrapped in foil using a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. Click”SHOW MORE” for all the information links!!!

I’ve been fortunate to finish as high as third place overall in the KCBS Team of the Year (TOY) in the pork category in 2011 out of over 5,000 professional teams competing. The pork category involves cooking a Boston Butt cut of the hog which comes from the shoulder muscle. Most successful teams inject the butt with a variety of homemade injections as well as commercially available injections. In this video, I show three methods that have helped me win first place in KCBS, PNWBA, and IBCA sanctioned barbecue contests. More videos coming to take you through every stage of competition techniques adapted for backyard and competition cooks.

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Hi! I’m Harry Soo, a Grand Champion pitmaster from in Diamond Bar, near Los Angeles. Welcome to my vlogs, BBQ product reviews, travel & lifestyle videos, BBQ contests, classes, as well as interviews and stories.

On weekdays, I’m an IT nerd living a Dilbertesque existence in a fabric covered cubicle in downtown LA. I’m the head tour guide for a team of IT project managers who build datacenters, networks, servers, and infrastructure that helps bring tap water to 300 cities and 20 million residents in SoCal.

On weekends, I come alive as a pitmaster, competitor, and BBQ instructor. You’ve seen me on BBQ Pitmasters, Food Network, Chopped Grill Masters, Smoked, Cutthroat Kitchen, and local TV in California. My shtick is I’ve used a humble 18-inch Weber Smokey Mountain smoker to win 100+ first places and 1st place USA in the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) awards including best chicken, brisket, and sirloin; and I’ve won over 27 Grand Championships. I’ve personally taught 200+ classes and trained 3,000+ pitmasters in small hands-on dozen student classes in the US, Sydney, London, Kuala Lumpur, Canada, and Hawaii.

I get many questions weekly about how to grill and barbecue. Since I started cooking professionally in 2008, I’ve answered thousands via email so I decided to post my answers via video to reach a wider audience. I’ll do my best to post a video on my channel periodically. I upload vlogs, BBQ product reviews, travel & lifestyle videos, BBQ contests, classes; as well as interviews and stories.
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Competition BBQ Pork Butt Shoulder Smoked Pulled KCBS Weber Smoker How To Harry Soo Tasty Barbeque

11 thoughts on “Competition BBQ Pork Butt Shoulder Smoked Pulled KCBS Weber Smoker How To Harry Soo Tasty Barbeque”

  1. Harry, I noticed that people wrap butts like ribs!! Sugar, maple and butter. At the end when you use the rendered juices to place various muscles to keep warm and stop from drying out. Surely the liquid is sickly sweet. Or would you use something else?

  2. I just bought a WSM 22.5. I use to smoke in an old freezer years ago, but haven't done it now for about 25 years or so. Started watching a few guys like T-Roy, Malcom Reed, Babyback Maniac, and Phil in Florence. They all add to my understanding of what to do or not do, or how to modify this smoker etc. which helped me settle on the Weber. But nobody I've seen to date teaches this understanding of the muscle your cooking like you do. I loved this video and wish you best success in your future cooks. Hope you will do more like it in the future.

  3. Hey Harry big fan of your videos. I think you do a great job explaining and passing along your knowledge to fellow bbq cooks out there. I have a question for you about what kind of pork is used most frequently on the KCBS circuit. Is it mainly Duroc pork or do people out there use Berkshire? Is it important to use a higher quality pork like one of the above like it is when cooking competition brisket. Keep up the great work and teaching and if you ever wanna extend your one man team by one for a midwest event like the Royal I would be more then excited to help you add to your trophy shelf. Thanks!!

  4. Great vid Harry I'm addicted to your BBQ perfection. My wife will disagree but more vids! and longer yay

  5. Very good video, learned a lot, had never heard of doing the butterfly method, but will be trying it soon.
    Like that you experiment to find that perfect match…thats why you have a garage full of trophies…you put the effort in to get the win

  6. Harry. Thanks for all of the great videos. I know that you are determining doneness by feel, but when you are measuring the internal temp, where are you taking it at?

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