Different Kerhi (kadhi)Pakora- Vegetarian Recipes Indian- Pakistani Recipe Urdu 2018

Different Kerhi (kadhi)Pakora- Vegetarian Recipes Indian- Pakistani Recipe Urdu 2018
Different kerhi (kadhi)pakora- vegetarian recipes indian- pakistani recipe urdu 2018
In this video i am going to cook kerhi bit differently, i have add one vegetable in and it turned out great. you can skip that vegetable and cook it as normal kerhi pakora recipe. it is great vegetarian indian recipe. Due to its classic taste and flavour its very famous among food lovers. vegetables are very healthy and if we combine it with kerhi they enhance the nutritions of the dish. In this recipe we use gram flour and yogurt which gives us proteen also. this video is excellent for begginers as i have explain in detail how to make kerhi pakora vegetariean recipe. it also bes for vegetarian recipe for dinner. vegetarian recipes are always great for weight loss. its excellent vegetarian pakistani recipe. the video is in urdu and it also has english subtitles so all can benefit from this tasty indian vegetarian recipe.
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Different Kerhi (kadhi)Pakora- Vegetarian Recipes Indian- Pakistani Recipe Urdu 2018


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