Drop Biscuits (Vegan)

Drop Biscuits (Vegan)
When my sister and I were little, mom used to make these amazing drop biscuits. She would usually serve them with strawberries and maple syrup, but they were equally good with gravy and sausages. So, here is my version of these simple but wonderful drop biscuits. You may find that you enjoy them just plain too. At least that’s what my sister and I discovered. These biscuits are made with coconut oil instead of margarine for a healthier biscuit.

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Drop Biscuits (Vegan)


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  1. It seems to be delicious, thanks for sharing Chef Ani, you're incredible 🙂

  2. To me biscuits are just as important as breathing and paying the bills. That means they are an important food. Thanks Ani!! These look great!

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