Easy Instant Pot Recipe | Pork Rice | AldermanFarms

Easy Instant Pot Recipe | Pork Rice | AldermanFarms
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Patti cooks Pork Rice based on the rice recipe in her eBook, “20 Easy Instant Pot Recipes!”

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Easy Instant Pot Recipe | Pork Rice | AldermanFarms

5 thoughts on “Easy Instant Pot Recipe | Pork Rice | AldermanFarms”

  1. I love rice. That looked delicious–all that Gradoux on the bottom had me wishing I could smell it. Tomas is the cutest!

  2. Oh please let me just come hug him! He’s the cutest little fella! TFS God Bless you all ~Lisa

  3. Thank you Patty, very helpful info for the insta Pot. Love little Tomas, he is such a sweet heart.

  4. Great video!  I have a new Instant Pot and I have your ebook.  I will try this recipe.  Hubby doesn't eat rice but I do 🙂  Thanks for sharing!  And thank you Tomas for the review.

  5. Love Tomas!! That looks delicious!! I’ll definitely have to try that out!! Love your Instant Pot recipes!! 🙂

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