EASY Pasta Recipes | Tahini+Pesto (vegan)

EASY Pasta Recipes | Tahini+Pesto (vegan)
Sauce: Mix 30g Tahini+juice of 1/2 lemon+salt+pepper. Mix in some water from the pasta to thin it out until it becomes a sauce. Add pasta and fold it into the sauce along with some red pepper flakes (optional) and some fresh chopped parsley. That’s literally it for the pasta, sooo easy and soo tasty!! I added some roasted Brussels & carrots + I also added some black beans off camera. (used 100g of pasta here)

Ingredients 👇
100g of pasta (I use linguine here)
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
1/2 Clove of crushed garlic
Handful of Parsley+Basil
20g Toasted Pine Nuts
1Can Lima Beans
1Tbsp olive oil (u can leave the olive oil if u want to save the fat macros it’ll still be good:))
+I roasted some broccoli 🥦

Macros here (including beans): 829Cals 28F 30P 104C
( fat can be decreased if u just use Lemon, no oil)

EASY Pasta Recipes | Tahini+Pesto (vegan)


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