Easy Vegan Carbonara – 20 mins to creamy pasta deliciousness

Easy Vegan Carbonara - 20 mins to creamy pasta deliciousness
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Another awesome vegan carbonara vid:
The Easy Vegan’s “The Best Vegan Carbonara”: https://youtu.be/jR9KTsiU9-o

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Today I’m showing you how to make my easy vegan carbonara. Vegan carbonara pasta is one of my favourite recipes as it’s so easy and quick to prepare. Plus you can have all these ingredients in your pantry making it a perfect last-minute meal. This egg free carbonara is creamy, rich and even has a bacon like chew with the use of sun-dried tomatoes. It only takes 20 minutes to whip up this dairy free carbonara and you will be in pasta heaven!! I hope you love this vegan spaghetti carbonara recipe!

Easy Vegan Carbonara – 20 mins to creamy pasta deliciousness


17 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Carbonara – 20 mins to creamy pasta deliciousness”

  1. I love your energy and adore your recipes!! I just want to make all of them at once 😂❤️

  2. You’re going to be huge one day and so successful you’re like a vegan Rosanna Pansino ahaha

  3. AAAAAH!!!! What the bloomin heck is my ugly mug doing in this video!? HAHAHA!!! I almost jumped off the sofa!!! Thank you Sam. Recipe looks awesome. I'd never have thought of using sun dried tomatoes. Also, I'm here for you whenever the inevitable angry Italians find this video 😉

  4. It bothers me so much when people pronounce pasta like that but the dish looks great and you seem nice

  5. Wait…a down-thumb? Must've been a "But…how can you not love bacon? IT'S BACON!" type. /eyeroll. (Either that or someone who doesn't know about regional pronunciations of certain things…"pee-can" vs. "pih-khan", "paa-sta" vs. "pah-sta", etc. Whatever, this looks great! I never thought of using sun-dried tomatoes as a sub for bacon – will definitely have to try! Maybe toss in some tofu "chicken" and some tiny little broccoli florets for added color (and flavor)? Mmmm…

  6. Thanks Sam! I’ve already got the sun dried tomatoes ‘marinating’ for this recipe!! Hubby is going to be thrilled! I’m going to omit the oil, add some sliced black olives (so it’s closer to the non-vegan version I used to make), and some extra veg, perhaps asparagus… I can hardly wait until dinner time! 😋

  7. Oh my goodness… yum! I can't wait to make this! Must go get sun dried tomatoes… pronto!!!

  8. Hmmmm, showing the creamy goodness with those shorts, be wary of the triangles. I've been using creamed cashews for my pasta dishes, tasty and very creamy.

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