Easy Vegan Cheese Straw Recipe!

Easy Vegan Cheese Straw Recipe!
Have you ever heard of cheese straws?

They’re kinda like cheese crackers (think Cheez Its), only, in more of a fluffy, almost biscuit-type version. They’re fluffy AF and literally melt. in. your. mouth. Plus, they’re packed with cheddar cheesy delicious-ness, omg, pure heaven. Basically, I see cheese straws like the fanciest possible version of a Cheez It. The kind you can be super proud to serve at showers, tea parties, and brunch-type events along with sandwiches or alllll the wine. Oh, these vegan cheese straws are SO. DAMN. GOOD. with wine. 

Are you sold yet? Because I sure am.

They’re amazing, and I love them. And now they’re vegan, vegan cheese straws, you guys! Dreams do come true.

For the full recipe and blog post:

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Easy Vegan Cheese Straw Recipe!


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