18 thoughts on “FwF Ep. 78 Kobe Beef, Ramen, and Chinese Food”

  1. I liked watching you eat a lot of food. Really? You have to force your sexuallity on us? Bad move. I love women, but you say I love "nuts and sausage in my mouth." Unsubscribe.

  2. Hey whuts up im new here i subscribe your welcome bro i love your videos it makes me hungry and happy wen i watch your videos i eat lol. Well love your videos.😋👍😜😁

  3. I would have dipped into 17 wo hop down the stairs and got some steamed dumplings and egg rolls. Never been to 212 steakhouse but my recent favorite spot is royal 35. What does that kobe go for? Looked awesome

  4. Good video man and keep it up… I wonder how you expand your stomach and how many calories you make per day when u are on diet, if u are on diet?

  5. Hey Wayneo, Its Kymbo here in Adelaide Australia. Love ur videos, keep up the good work. Douces!!!

  6. Great video as always Wayne. Food looked great. So nice of u to dine with fans and friends. Ur awesome. 💋💋💋💋

  7. Loved this vid.
    Wow,the food you ate looked sooo good . The steak,mash potato and mushrooms,omg 👌👌🤤🤤 xx

  8. Some people just troll to get a rise out of everyone, who am I to say but wayniacs should ignore trolls, why let him her have fun?

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