Going Vegan for a Day (this was agonizing)

Going Vegan for a Day (this was agonizing)
Going vegan for a day might just be the end of me.
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Going Vegan for a Day (this was agonizing)


18 thoughts on “Going Vegan for a Day (this was agonizing)”

  1. Would you ever try going vegan? Reply below!
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  2. "Some balls are bigger than others – that's life" – the best what I learnt from this video 🙂

  3. Hey everytime I open and close the lid to my Neptune bottle it squeaks anything I can do to fix it?

  4. Observations: 1. "bosh jaldwin"; 2. I'm sending you a bill for watching this; 3. Parkview West School of Culinary Arts, it ain't; 4. Eight balls, no drizzle, ummmm; 5. Vegans mustn't have full time jobs as: too much shopping, frequent naps, multitudiness hours of food prep, occasional dips in the pool, etc. 6. Agave is $10… if this hits 2500 you are doomed!!!

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