Healthy Vegan Recipes – HOME FRIES – Oil Free – SOS Free

Healthy Vegan Recipes - HOME FRIES - Oil Free - SOS Free
I’ve always loved those diner-style home fries potatoes but they are usually full of butter or oil. This version is totally free of added salt, oil, and sugar. I eat them all day long. Hope you enjoy this healthy vegan recipe!

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Healthy Vegan Recipes – HOME FRIES – Oil Free – SOS Free


11 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Recipes – HOME FRIES – Oil Free – SOS Free”

  1. Omg, you really like your food spicy!!! 😄 😄 😄 Will definitely make it, thank you for the recipe

  2. I understand that if you put your pepper tops in a bowl of plant based milk, you'll get yogurt. Who knew? Love the potato recipe, Dillon. Thanks for showing us how you do it. "Oh, yeh, mmm, hmm. Hot! You know I like it hot!" Yep, we know. We like it hot, too. Great recipe, and great video. Lynn

  3. I love potatoes and I like to cook them in all versions. Your recipes are delicious🍒🥥🍓

  4. Hi Dillon. The non-blooper recipe is appreciated! I do like taters browned, so thinking of roasting vs parboiling and then adding I to stovetop mix. Love me some crisper taters. Ima try and will let you know how it works. P.sS. How many lbs of taters do you go through a week?! 🤪😳

  5. I LOVE potatoes – I'll make this for sure. Thanks for your "no nonsense" cooking – chop, dump, cook, eat – so good. Janet

  6. The spices you put in all your recipes makes taste sooo delicious love your foods ! I’m a new follower and so far I tried 3 recipes all tasted exactly the way I want it full of flavor! Thank you so much !!

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