How to Make CEVICHE (A Fish Dish) Homemade in PERU! | Koaw Nature

How to Make CEVICHE (A Fish Dish) Homemade in PERU!  | Koaw Nature
Homemade CEVICHE in Peru! Learn this SIMPLE RECIPE – fun & delicious! Koaw receives a firsthand lesson on REAL PERUVIAN ceviche in Piura, Peru.

🙂 ¡Gracias a mis amigos en Piura por la clase de cocina!

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BELOW: Ceviche recipe for this video, links to SIDES, and other recipes.

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(Note – I have approximated the recipe from her methods.)

Limes – (8ish) Enough to make ¾ cup of juice.
(In Peru, they call their citrus for ceviche ‘limón’ or ‘lemon’, but they are more similar to the limes sold in the United States.)
Chili pepper (1) – Depending on what is sold around you, pick one that caters to your spicy/flavor preferences.
Red onion (1)
Cilantro (3 tbsp)
Salt (pinch or two or three)
FRESH Fish (2 lbs approx..)
OPTIONAL: Garlic (1 tbsp or so)

STEP 1: Cut the fish into small cubes. (Keep the fish chilled until served.)
STEP 2: Rinse the fish thoroughly in cold water and set aside.
STEP 3: Slice the onion into thin long pieces, rinse, and set aside.
STEP 4: Dice cilantro very finely or even into a puree.
STEP 5: Slice the chili pepper into small, thin pieces. (Careful to wash your hands after touching the pepper.)
STEP 6: Extract fresh juice from the limes. (This is most easily done with a squeezer—if you don’t have one, use a strainer to prevent seeds from entering the juice.)

Need a squeezer!? – (Premium Quality Metal Squeezer) or (Stainless Steel Pro Squeezer (cheaper))

STEP 7: Combine the fish, onion, chili pepper, cilantro, (and garlic if used)—then add the lime juice and stir.
STEP 8: Add salt to taste.
STEP 9: Enjoy!

Need mixing bowls?! – (Stainless Steel set for )


The Peruvian Kitchen: Traditions, Ingredients, Tastes, and Techniques in 100 Delicious Recipes
Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen: Authentic Recipes for Lomo Saltado, Anticuchos, Tiraditos, Alfajores, and Pisco Cocktails


CEVICHE: is a great reference for U.S. customers to see what species are not overfished and better for purchase.

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How to Make CEVICHE (A Fish Dish) Homemade in PERU! | Koaw Nature