How To Make Pommes Dauphine: (French potato puffs recipe)

How To Make Pommes Dauphine: (French potato puffs recipe)
The Pomme Dauphine (French potato puffs) is a very old side dish ( 1900’s) made out of a blend of potato mash and choux paste that is then deep fried to transform into fluffy and crunchy potato puffs.

The Pomme dauphine are very versatile and can be made with flavored mash , with cheese, ham or filled with any ingredients you like once they are cooked.


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Pommes Dauphine (French potato puffs)


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Three important points to remember to make sure you get your Pomme Dauphine right:

1- Temperature control if key! from what I tested, an oil temperature of 160 degrees Celcius /320 F should be kept steady at all time.

2- Size matter. do not be tempted to deep fry large amount of dauphine potato dough at any one time as it won’t have time to cook fully and will just be uncooked inside and will become overcooked on the outside.

the right size to use is about the size of a wine bottle cork. or the size of a large walnut if using a spoon.
when you start making Dauphine potatoes if may be better to use a pipping bag to be able to easily control how much dough you are putting in the oil.

3- Patience is key. deep frying choux pastry based product always take time to be fully cooked. The average time it takes to cook is about 6 to 7 minutes per Dauphine potato. To make sure it is cooked, you need to wait for the Potato puff to be just about to crack open ( as shown in the video) this is the sign that the potato puff is ready.

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How To Make Pommes Dauphine: (French potato puffs recipe)

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  1. I love how you always try to talk about the history of the dishes. Cannot wait until I get to visit France!!!

  2. Great vídeo Chef. This is tottaly new to me. I have two questions:
    Can you bake them instead of frying?
    Can you pipe in maybe bechamel or mornay sauce like you would the sweet version?
    Merci beaucoup

  3. I would love to put some fine shredded cheese. These look so gorgeous Stephen thanks I will try these this week.😊😛

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