I Walked 4 Miles for a Vegan Donut 🍩What I Ate Today

I Walked 4 Miles for a Vegan Donut 🍩What I Ate Today
Here’s all the amazing Vegan Food I Ate in a Day, including a yogurt bowl, strawberry beer, and vegan donut(s)… 😉
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I Walked 4 Miles for a Vegan Donut 🍩What I Ate Today


10 thoughts on “I Walked 4 Miles for a Vegan Donut 🍩What I Ate Today”

  1. I’m so scared of doing hot yoga. My gym, Lifetime has them and I just go to spin and I’ve been wanting to do hot yoga but idk why I’m so scared! I think it’s bc I’d feel out of place since I don’t know that much about poses 😫😫😫

  2. Sorry to be that person but I have a feeling that "our friend Max" might not just be a friend???? hahaha. but tbh, if a girl has an apple fritter donut she don't need no man lol.

  3. Donut friend is literally down the street from where my sister lives!

    I’m also a fast walker, people always have to tell me to slow down. 😂

  4. I really like your "day in a life" videos, not that I don't enjoy your other styles as well 🙂

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