Irish Stew – Irish Lamb Stew

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Irish Stew - Irish Lamb Stew

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37 thoughts on “Irish Stew – Irish Lamb Stew”

  1. When I got myself an Irish man,I had to learn to cook all over again😊 Searching on you tube for Irish stew,I found this and making it since.I was told many times,that its the best stew ever😊 I also discovered chef John and now am big fan.Sometimes watching his video recipes,just to cheer myself up😁

  2. Over the past few years as a stay at home mom, I have found your videos to be the most overall helpful. Thank you so much for your great ideas and tips!!

  3. I love the way you breezily slip in cooking terminology – today's word was "fond". You are the best, Chef John.

  4. wow looks delicious . i m going to make it today . easy and similar our country food …. greetings from Mongolia

  5. Actually the Irish do NOT repeat do NOT eat corned beef & Cabbage, that is an Irish American thing.  When the Irish came over to America they couldn't find lamb readily available so they saw the Jews using corned beef and they used that instead.

  6. Nope, it doesn't really taste 'bloody'. 🙂 The meat just tends to be more juicy when it's medium-cooked like this. It's all a matter of personal preference, though I prefer my meat medium or medium-rare. Sorry for all the people answering rudely.

  7. Hey now I don't either don't put words in my mouth I was agreeing with you and asking that question. It is against my religious beliefs to eat blood.

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