Jamie Cooks Italy – Pizza, Acquapazza, Pasta and Roasted Lamb

Jamie Cooks Italy - Pizza, Acquapazza, Pasta and Roasted Lamb
Jamie shows you how to make the best Naples pizza right in your own kitchen! Not only that, but you get to see how to make the most amazing and fresh ‘crazy water’ fish dish, wonderful spicy sausage pasta and perfectly roasted lamb. All cooked around beautiful Italy – from the Mountains of Basilicata to the kitchens of Naples.

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Jamie Cooks Italy – Pizza, Acquapazza, Pasta and Roasted Lamb

16 thoughts on “Jamie Cooks Italy – Pizza, Acquapazza, Pasta and Roasted Lamb”

  1. Hi Jamie. Just a heads up. Yesterday I stumbled across the Omar Allibhoy Spanish omelette video uploaded from a different YouTube channel.
    Love your recipes btw

  2. Jamie and Gennaro! Had the best cooking dynamic. My two favorite chefs together, sharing the best recipes. 😉😚😙😋😋😋😋

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