Lamb Shoulder Steaks | Kitchen Daddy

Lamb Shoulder Steaks | Kitchen Daddy
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Lamb Shoulder Steaks | Kitchen Daddy
শাহি রান মুসাল্লাম/ খাসির রানের আস্ত রোস্ট | ঈদ রেসিপি | Lamb/Mutton Leg Roast Recipe Bangladeshi
step 1:
3 tables salt
1 tables white vinager

Step 2:
plain yogurt 1 cup
ginger 2 and half tbls
garlic 2 tables
beresta/fried onion half cup
red chili 2 tsp
turmeric half tsp
gorom mosle powder 2 tsp
mace and nutmeg powder half tsp
cardamon powder half tsp
cinnamon powder half tsp
roasted ciumin half tsp
salt around half tsp or per taste
raw papaya 3/4tbls paste

step 3:
oil 1 cup
onion paste half cup
bay leaf 2
cardamon 7/8
cinnamon 2 sticks
cloves 10/12
black pepper half tsp
black cardamon 1
poppy seed 1 and half tbls
nut paste 2 tbls
raisin paste 3 tsp
rose water half tsp
Keira water half tsp
cream or mama half cup
green chili 8/9
ghee half tbls

Khadiza Apu’s Recipe Link:

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শাহি রান মুসাল্লাম/ খাসির রানের আস্ত রোস্ট | ঈদ রেসিপি | Lamb/Mutton Leg Roast Recipe Bangladeshi

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  1. Lamb is the winner, over beef every time. Is it an English thing ?! And I would have gone straight for that marrow in the bone. I could almost smell this wonderful dish! Thanks Huw

  2. Big thumbs up, keep surprising us each week. Lovely dish like this coming out of having lamb stock to use up, think this is what real family cooking is all about. Going to have some stock to use up out of the slow cooker after today, and a glut cumin. Always have lamb shoulder in the butchers, I'm sure I can ask for steaks. I find myself asking and wondering about different food watching your channel, and realise just how much you need to know to be a chef. Thankyou Huw

  3. Video টা কাল upload দিয়েছিলাম। তবে ভুল করে আগের টায় মোরগ মোসাল্লাম বলেছিলাম তাই ওটা delete করে আবার re upload করলাম। eid এ বানাবেন okkk!!! আর আমাকে দাওয়াত দিয়েন 😬

  4. Apu ami tomake chobi pathate chai ei recipir. But kothay dibo kivabe dibo ? Description box ta kothay tao jani na.. plz amak ektu bole help koro plz.. ami tomar shob recipe basay try kori.. shoshur barir sobai khub moja bole. Thank you apu…

  5. Api ato boro ran k kha ya cha 😁😁😮😮😮🙂😉😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😊😋😇

  6. আপু আমি যখন কোন গোস্ত, স্পেশালি মুরগি, তেলে ভাজি মশলা দিয়ে তেল ছিটে ওঠে। তেল যেনো না ছিটে তার জন্য কি করতে হবে?? জানালে খুব খুশি হবো 😊

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