Miso Rice Recipe~SOS Free Vegan

Miso Rice Recipe~SOS Free Vegan
All the salty flavor without the health risks involved with salt! This recipe was a game changer at my house. This recipe has no salt, oil or sugar.

If you can’t find miso paste in your area, do like I do and order it here: https://goo.gl/KSVmyC

Still haven’t tried the Instant Pot? I love mine! This is the model I have: https://goo.gl/yWCeVd

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I adopted a HCLF Plant Based lifestyle in January 2017, with the goal of getting off my blood pressure medication. After watching Forks over Knives and finding Dr. McDougall, I knew the Starch Solution was right for me. I met my medication free goal in November 2017, not just omitting blood pressure medication, but ALL prescription medication! I am now off two medications for blood pressure, one for cholesterol, one for heart disease, and three for pain. Follow along as I continue to loose weight and cook wonderful plant based food for my family. It really is all about the food!

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Miso Rice Recipe~SOS Free Vegan


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  1. great idea of mixing the quinoa with the rice – my husband doesn't like the texture of quinoa so I am going to give this a try! thanks for sharing the recipe

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