Mui Choy – Vegetarian Recipe

Mui Choy - Vegetarian Recipe
Mui Choy, also known as Mei Chai in Mandarin, is a popular Hakka dish. This preserved vegetable dish was created out of necessity as food for peasant farmers and illegal migrants during winters or during poor harvest.

This dish is a surprise for me when I realized how simple it is and yet so delicately savoury.

The modern version has pork in it but I believe the vegetarian version is the original version due to the fact that most Hakkas were poor farmers.

– Dried Mui Choy
– Salted Mui Choy
– 4 Shiitake mushroom
– Handful raw peanuts
– 1 garlic bulb
– 1 tbsp sesame oil
– 1tbsp oysters sauce
– 1 tbsp sugar

Mui Choy – Vegetarian Recipe