pandugappa seabass chepala pulusu / andhra style recipe / repalle vantalu

pandugappa  seabass chepala pulusu / andhra style recipe / repalle vantalu
fish pulusu is one of my mom’s speciality recipe for which everyone in our family & friends appreciate her a lot. This is not an authentic andhra fish pulusu recipe, but is a quick and easy version of making a yummy south Indian style or andhra fish curry using tamarind.
Mix it well with hand. Place it on the stove, cover it with a lid and allow to Boil. After 10 mnts Add the Coriander Leaves and allow it to Boil for 10 more mnts. Spicy Pandugappa Fish Curry to Ready to Serve. This will take not more than 15-20mnts for preparation. Note: Pandugappa Fish variety is very smooth
In my YouTube channel this video this video shows you how to make recipe. This is easy to make and protein rich Indian food technique, famous in south India. The main ingredients needed. the process done by me is shown in this video. Like, share, support to check out other videos of mine. Sorry for any defaults in video this process of making.
I like to experiments in the kitchen. My specialties are Indian food and Andhra food of daily homemade recipes.
The main aim of starting this channel I because of my passion and to inspire others always learnt from my mother, grandmother, aunt, my relatives and friends. here you will find Indian recipes, both of north and south Indian’s will introduce olden days special recipes, cooking basics, useful tips, launch menu, millet recipes, bread recipes, continental bites, vegetarian recipes, non vegetarian recipes, disclaimer chicken recipes, delicious sweets, spicy hots, evening snacks, weight loss recipes, healthy food recipes, instant breakfast, pickles, powder ,ingredient tips etc.
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pandugappa seabass chepala pulusu / andhra style recipe / repalle vantalu