Perfect Chicken Egg Rolls Recipe – Cindys Kitchen

Perfect Chicken Egg Rolls Recipe - Cindys Kitchen
249th video recipe of Cindys Kitchen, my cooking and food review channel series on YouTube! In this video recipe i fry up some Perfect Chicken Egg Rolls for lunch, dinner or a snack, your choice! These Perfect Chicken Egg Rolls have a crunch from the cabbage and a taste from the jalapenos and bean sprouts that you have never experience before, a recipe to remember for sure, serve with sweet chili sauce for dipping! Subscribe if you enjoy my video recipes, food reviews, food compilations, shout outs or holiday specials. My social media links & ingredients to this recipe are down below. Thanks for watching everybody and remember…DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

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1) diced up bean sprouts
2) chopped up jalapenos
3) chopped up fried chicken breast
4) oyster sauce
5) salt
6) canola oil (to fry chicken)
7) egg roll skins
8) egg whites
9) ground ginger dust
10) sweet chili sauce

Perfect Chicken Egg Rolls Recipe – Cindys Kitchen

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