Preparing and Cooking a Stuffed Pork Chop – Chow Time at Studio-214

Preparing and Cooking a Stuffed Pork Chop - Chow Time at Studio-214
Hey Team, today we are cooking pork chops! We need stuffing so I have prepared 3 different types! Recipes are below! These are so delicious! My family was loving dinner and the options!

These are super easy guys and it takes about an hour to get the whole thing done..well…3 hours if you count the brine…and you should…the brine is essential!

coming up soon is part two…how to cook these chops! For the best looking grilled food…the kind where your eyes tell your tummy to get ready for the going to be shown, so stay tuned!

This recipe uses a grill to cook the pork chops but the oven could just as easily be used…but it wont be as pretty!

The thing here is that I have no measurements. This is because I am only serving enough stuffing for one chop. If you are feeding your family, then add however much you are needing. These recipes are real forgiving, and make it easy to make a beautiful stuffed pork chop dinner!


Stuffing 1 – Cheese and herb pork chop stuffing
goat cheese
Cream cheese
garlic powder
salt and pepper

Stuffing 2 – Dried savory fruit pork chop stuffing
dried cherries
dried raisins
brown sugar

Stuffing 3 – Dried sweet fruit pork chop stuffing
dried apple
dried cranberries
apple cider vinegar
brown sugar

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I am a Combat Veteran, and I use painting, music and cooking as ways to cope and deal with the world in a healthy way…

This is another video on my journey to wellness!

I hope you dig this and others!

New Painting and music inspired videos nearly every Monday and Wednesday and Friday!

Hope to see you again!! For all three!!

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Preparing and Cooking a Stuffed Pork Chop – Chow Time at Studio-214