Pulled Pork Smoker Recipe

Pulled Pork Smoker Recipe
If you like smoked pulled pork this is a must watch video!

Pulled Pork Smoker Recipe on the Traeger wrapped with pink/peach butcher paper at the end.

Cook Details:

Two 8 pound boneless pork shoulder/butts used here. Temperature, time, and weight will change cook times and internal temperatures reached.

Step 1
– Coat pork shoulder/butt w/ olive oil and apply favorite rub liberally
– Plowboyz Bovine Bold used here

Step 2
– Rest overnight in the fridge if possible or minimum of 2 hours and bring to room temperature (1 – 1.5 hours)

Step 3 (optional)
– If boneless, use twine or rack to ensure the meat remains uniform
– Use a drip pan to catch drippings, add some chicken stock and rub

Step 4
– Smoke at 180 for 12 hours (for shorter cook durations start at 225 or 250)
– Turn the temperature up to 225 for approx 5 hours to get through the stall

Step 5
– Wrap in pink/peach butcher paper
– Depending on when you want it done turn up or down the temperature
– Once the pork shoulder/butt reaches an internal temp of 200 place it in a towel and cooler for at least 1 hour

Step 6
– Pull the pork and enjoy!

Pulled Pork Smoker Recipe