Recipes To Manage My MS – Anti-Inflammatory, Gluten-Free, Vegan

Recipes To Manage My MS - Anti-Inflammatory, Gluten-Free, Vegan
WOW OK so I made that all look a million times harder than it should be.
I think I did way too many recipes but this is all trial and error.
Hopefully you enjoyed watching!
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1 cup soaked almonds (preferably overnight however if you place almonds in boiling water and let it sit for 1-2 hours they should be fine)
2 medjool dates, pitted and soaked if hard
1 tsp vanilla extract
Pinch sea salt
6 cups water
Nut milk bag or clean kitchen towel to drain

Drain almonds and dates if soaked, place all ingredients into a high-speed blender
Blend for a good 5-10 minutes
Pour into a nut milk bag or clean kitchen cloth over a large bowl and drain all liquid out
Pour milk into an air-tight bottle
Keep in fridge and use within 7 days

Almond milk
1 tsp ground ginger, cinnamon
1/2 tsp tumeric
Crack of black pepper
Hot water
Electric hand whisk

Whisk all ingredients together and enjoy 🙂

Washed kale, make sure you break leaves off the stalks as they are quite bitter,
Spices of your choice
Oil of your choice

Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius
Spray kale with oil and add spices
Get your hands dirty massaging the oil and spices into the kale until evenly covered
Cook for 10-15 minutes until crisp and crunchyyyyyy

Whatever veggies you like!

Cook them in whatever spices you like… I cooked my sweet potato wedges for around 30-45 minutes

Apple Cider Vinegar,
Flaxseed Oil
Salt and Pepper

Mix all together and serve

1.5 cups dry red lentils
1 tin chopped tomatoes
1 tin reduced fat coconut milk
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
2 large handfuls of spinach
Tandoori spice paste (or whatever you like)
Vegetable stock
Chilli flakes

Chop onion and garlic and fry until translucent
Add 2-3 tablespoons of curry paste + 1tsp each of loose spices to pan and fry for 5 minutes
Add tinned tomatoes, coconut milk and stock and bring to the boil
Add lentils and cook following instructions (around 20 minutes)
When all is cooked taste and adjust flavours if necessary
Add spinach off the heat
Serve with coriander leaves on top

Thanks so much for watching this video!

Recipes To Manage My MS – Anti-Inflammatory, Gluten-Free, Vegan


3 thoughts on “Recipes To Manage My MS – Anti-Inflammatory, Gluten-Free, Vegan”

  1. Hi Izzy, great video, and thank you for sharing the recipes in the description! I have MS too (dx'd in June this year) and diet has been a big consideration for me, so I really appreciate you sharing what you eat in a day. Not sure if it's something that would interest you, but I have recently started incorporating Huel into my diet as it's plant-based and quick to make. My fatigue really affects my ability to cook, so it really helps on my bad days because I don't have to think about what to have. I have a referral link if you wanted to give it a go (or any other folks here!) The link will get you £10 off your first order, and I will get a tenner off too for referring. I just wanted to share the love, your content has been so helpful since my diagnosis, so thank you 🙂

  2. Thank you, Izzy, for wonderful recipes. Your spills remind me so much of myself in the kitchen! 🙂 Do you eat snacks between meals or just three meals a day? How does fasting work? Can you make a video about fasting? Glad you had nice holiday(s)!

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