Scallion Pancake, Shanghai Street Food-style Congyoubing (葱油饼)

Scallion Pancake, Shanghai Street Food-style Congyoubing (葱油饼)
We wanted to show you a recipe for a bit of a different style of scallion pancake, the Shanghai street food-style. The authentic Shanghai version is equally layered but smaller, fried, and really crispy.

It’s a little more involved because we gotta mimic some specialized street food equipment, but it’s super worth it.

For the complete footage of the original street food, check out 4 Wanda’s and Guts7’s videos here… some great footage:

As always, here’s the Reddit link for the recipe:

Recipe: Scallion Pancakes, Shanghai Street Food-style (葱油饼) from Cooking

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Scallion Pancake, Shanghai Street Food-style Congyoubing (葱油饼)

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  1. Do you have any way I can help monetarily, besides Patreon? That site is a significant pain in my ass.

  2. Are there any foods originally from Korea that are popular in China? I'm just curious

  3. thank you. excellent material as always. i'm also glad that you guys have shown how to make this version because there are already so much content online on how to make the other version of cong you bing.

    If you guys can someday make a video about lo mai gai (dim sum style wrapped in the leaf) that would be so appreciated. thanks!

  4. Woot! I‘ve been gone for three weeks and your channel rose up well! Glad you‘ve set up a patreon, gotta love more videos 🙂

  5. There is a church around the corner from me that, for the past few years, has been doing a Chinese food and culture festival for a few days. It wasn't until about 4:15 that I realized they would sell what you're making, except using chocolate chips and a cinnamon sugar butter mixture instead of scallions and the mixture you said. Knowing how much I love that thing (it's addictive) I can only imagine the scallion version is just as good.

  6. this looks insanely amazing, I bet a little pork floss in the middle wouldn't hurt either ;P

  7. Brilliant movie! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we like to notice this style of contents. We create Travel & Food video as well, across the globe, so we are continually searching inspirations as well as vision. Thank You

  8. Thank you SO MUCH for your contributions! I am in America and I have been studying authentic Chinese cuisine off and on for a hobby for about 10 years. I have learned more in 2 hours of watching your videos than I have learned in months/years of watching other videos and sites. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You do an amazing job of explaining your technique. Very much appreciated here.

  9. Would you please e-mail me at ? I need a local person in China to help me find and import traditional charcoal fired street food cooking equipment to the US.

  10. Thanks for all the great content. I have tried so many of your recipes and your videos really got me into chinese cooking. It has become my favourite cuisine and pushed indian food off the throne. Especially the chow mein I really love, I think i have made it about 10 times now. What kind of five spice do you use? I have heard that there are many varieties. Have you ever tried or even made the SG Style Bak Kwa? Try this great recipe: /watch?v=Nsn8vixST0Q btw if you ever need any indian recipe recommendations let me know 😉 Much love from Germany

  11. Great video! Can you make one on Shanghai style soupy sheng jian bao? I've yet to see a good video on how to make them!

  12. Dear Steph and Chris,

    First of all a big thank you for all your work.
    You are my number one favourite Chinese cooking channel and I love watching and recreating your recipes ♥️

    I have a request for a certain dish, which I am unable to find any information.

    Our town in Italy used to have this delicious Chinese restaurant owned by a family and only today, that I had the possibility to taste so much original Chinese food from all over the world, I can say, that their dishes were sublime.

    I can especially remember a certain chicken dish, they called “ginger chicken”.
    Bits of white cooked chicken covered with lots of ginger and green onion in a relatively thin soy sauce based jus.
    I know it’s not a lot of information I can give you there, but perhaps you can help.

    Sending you all the best from Vienna, Austria



  13. This looks simple enough.
    It starts off just like making flower tortillas and has a few simple extra steps. ..

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