Seafood Spanish Paella(Authentic and Homemade) (Valencia) Look At This!

Seafood Spanish Paella(Authentic and Homemade) (Valencia) Look At This!
This is an authentic seafood Spanish paella and it’s homemade, my version of a Spanish dish. This dish was easy to make and when you make it homemade it becomes so special to share with loved ones and friends.

This is one of our absolute favorite dishes it’s so flavorful, with the crunch of the rice. The chicken and red snapper that was season with my chicken rub. brought the flavors out even more.

According to tradition in Valencia, paella is cooked over an open flame. Also, this paella dish was made it Arroz rice, These seafood paella recipes are so easy to make and here I was showing you how to make an authentic, easy seafood and chicken paella.

And when you have a paella pan, it will more authentic, and like you’re in Spain. This Spanish recipe is something to look out for.

Once you present this you quest will say look at this. WOW!
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Seafood Spanish Paella(Authentic and Homemade) (Valencia) Look At This!