Sloppy Lentils – VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE

Sloppy Lentils - VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE
Not quite a sloppy joe by my standards, but nonetheless this recipe is a tasty, easy variation of the classic, messy dinner. I stumbled on Minimalist Baker’s Vegan Sloppy Joe recipe after I realized that I was missing a few ingredients for my Soyrizo Sloppy Joes—I was determined to make something sloppy for dinner that night. So I gave this lentil-based version a shot, and although quite different from what I was expecting, it’s a delicious meal that is now in regular dinner rotation over here. It’s a little sweet with a tomato base, chopped onion, bell pepper, and hearty lentils. I used a package of Trader Joe’s steamed lentils to speed up my cooking time, and I swapped in a red bell pepper in place of the green bell pepper. Pile it high on a toasted gluten-free bun and it can be just as sloppy as you want!

Visit Minimalist Baker’s website for her Vegan Sloppy Joe recipe:

Kid approved? YES!

Baby approved! YES! Parker started eating Sloppy Lentils at 11 months old.

Sloppy Lentils – VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE