Smoked + Sous Vide Lamb Leg Recipe

Smoked + Sous Vide Lamb Leg Recipe
This is my first video of the #Meat series.
It will show how to prepare a super tender lamb leg.

Boneless Lamb Leg ~5 lbs
Kosher Salt
Black Pepper – coarse
Mustard Powder
Umami powder
Hickory wood chips.


1.Start your smoker, meanwhile prep the meat.
2.Score the meat
3.Season with Salt,Pepper,Mustard Powder and Umami Powder
4.Tie with butchers twine
5. When the Smoker reaches 250F , put the meat inside and set timer for 2 hours.
6. Add some Rosemarie and garlic ( you can put it before, then the taste of these spices will be stronger)
7. Put the Lamb inside the vacuum bag (preferably 2, as the smoke smell will penetrate the bag and your home will smell like a smoker house)
8. Set the Sous Vide to 131F and 24 Hours timer
9. After 24 hours, open the bags, pat dry the lamb.
Let it rest ~10 minutes
10. If you prefer more dry/crusty shell, burn it with a heat gun or broil.
BE CAREFUL! If you use broil or grill- do not leave the meat for too long inside.


Smoked + Sous Vide Lamb Leg Recipe