Rabbit Terrine Recipe

Another French torture resulting in elegant feast. Not for wimps! Get your chef’s cap on! Prep:15m Ingredients: cream, eggs, unflavored gelatin, rabbit, meatloaf, bacon, black pepper, shallot, cranberries, parsley Recipe Link | Similar Recipes

Frozen Mango Raspberry Terrine Recipe

This dessert was beautiful and received big accolades. It was a little more difficult than the recipe led me to believe it would be. Freezing 10 minutes… Ingredients: mango, lemon juice, raspberries, ice cream, sugar, water Recipe Link | Similar…

Terrine De Fruits En Gele Coulis De Framboises Recipe

Gelatin-based deserts may seem like a modern invention. After all, reliable home refrigeration was not common until the middle of the twentieth century… Ingredients: apple, pear, unflavored gelatin, sugar, raspberries, riesling, water Recipe Link | Similar Recipes