The Cheesiest Vegan Cheese Fondue!

The Cheesiest Vegan Cheese Fondue!
Ingredients and Printable Recipe:

Today we’re veganizing one of the most fun and entertaining dishes ever: cheese fondue! I’m teaching you how to make vegan cheese fondue so that it’s full of all that cheesy flavor we love, the creamiest texture, and some delicious sides to dip into this yummy vegan cheese sauce. We’re grilling up some vegan sausages, making some oil free roasted potatoes with rosemary, and cutting up some fresh bread to serve alongside this vegan cheese dip of Swiss tradition. You’ll love it and it’s so great for entertaining!

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The Cheesiest Vegan Cheese Fondue!


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  1. Oh man I used to love fondue so much what kind of cheese would you suggest melts well for this recipe I didn't catch it and I can't see that well please let me know my mouth is watering 🙂

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