ULTIMATE VEGAN CHILI // easy vegan van life cooking

ULTIMATE VEGAN CHILI // easy vegan van life cooking
Easy 1-Pot Vegan Chili Recipe [ vegan + gluten free ]
Today’s recipe is an absolute staple in the Eamon & Bec household — chili sin carne! In a lot of ways this dish is a “kitchen sink” recipe because we take any and all veggies/beans/lentils we’ve got stored and throw them in. PRO TIP: make a pot large enough to have leftovers!! It’s soooo good the next day 😉


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►2 large cans tomato
►1 can tomato paste
►1 can 6 bean mix
►1 can kidney bean
► Onion
► Celery
►2 yellow Pepper
► Avocado
► Carrot
► Mushroom
► Garlic
► Veggie Broth

Spice MIx
► Cayenne
►Garlic powder
►Onion Salt
►Chili Flakes
► Salt + Pepper

Eamon here — would love to get your feedback on this Freestyle Friday episode! If you guys have any suggestions on vegan recipes you’d like to see me whip up… let me know in the comments below…

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ULTIMATE VEGAN CHILI // easy vegan van life cooking


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  1. I was all high on Eamon…. he just keeps growing on me…then… “I don’t read”????? Wtf?! Oh Eamon!!!! Bec? You’re a reader I’ll bet!

  2. I am not vegan but man, I enjoy watching freestyle Fridays. Planning on making one of your recipes soon 🙂

  3. Hi, guys! Your channel is awesome! I found it a week ago, subscribed already. I'd like to suggest to try to replace onions and garlic with such a thing called asafetida, may be give it a try. 🙂 It replaces garlic and onions both at the time. All the best! 🙂

  4. I make mine with lentils as it has a similar appearance to mince, then sometimes I top it with mashed butternut to make a vegan 'cottage pie' it makes for a nice alternative to 6 bean mix.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Have you thought about setting up a storefront on amazon.com? You could easily sell all the items you use on the site and then we could enjoy them too! I would love to buy your chia if it was on amazon.com

  6. I ought to be able to smell it from here…I’m on a cruise …currently returning home to SF from Juneau…and, at the moment, in Victoria!

  7. You one big wank stain pal or and by the way bec been cheating on with a 52 year old fat man

  8. Nice looking chili I add Tablespoon Cocoa powder to a pot that size takes that Acid reflux From the tomatoes And the chili Seasonings Can't taste it But it's good to add it Try the next time you make chili

  9. Hey guys! We love your videos, and Freestyle Fridays RULE!! Just one lil' thang… (please know this is not a criticism) we're a bit distracted by the background tune repeating throughout the vid. I guess It's just us (you know how you get attuned to something and It's like all you can hear 🙂 but we'd love to hear just you without the music. Much love and joy to you both! 💜💜

  10. I have wanted to invest a couple of wraps, but put it off for a bit as I often use containers or make enough for several.meals removing the necessity of storing partially used fruit and veg. But, there are now wraps that are completely plant based. Check out Khala Cloths if you ever need to replace your wrap.

    Yum! Awesome chili!

  11. At least you kept it off the floor today😅,but looks delicious…too bad we don’t have smellavision 💕🧚‍♂️

  12. I make an incredible vegan chili for all my college roommates (none of which are vegan but they’re obsessed with my recipe). I throw in a can of diced green chili’s and frozen fire roasted corn. It’s amazing.

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