Vegan Dessert Recipes for the Holidays (Easy + Healthy!)

Vegan Dessert Recipes for the Holidays (Easy + Healthy!)
Here are 3 easy, healthy, and delicious vegan recipes that you can make for the holidays to share with your friends and family! Full recipes will be linked below 🙂
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Vegan Dessert Recipes for the Holidays (Easy + Healthy!)


14 thoughts on “Vegan Dessert Recipes for the Holidays (Easy + Healthy!)”

  1. Haven't watched it yet. The thumbnail looks yummy, but I'm willing to bet the two things I want to try both use dates, which I hate.

  2. CAITLINNNNN I seriously cannot tell you how many years I’ve been waiting for a vegan pecan pie recipe without corn syrup! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 literally waited for you to post it on your blog and made it the first day! It’s a HIT. Already making a second one for my coworkers since they were so in love with it. THANK YOU FOR MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE GIRL 💕💕💕💕💕

  3. Caitlin. Please slow down DX I had to rewind like 3-4 times to follow your recipe (is it just me or is this video faster than usual?)

  4. When Caitlin and Mina Rome upload vegan dessert videos on the same day 👌👌👌

  5. These bars look delicious! If i don't have Arroroot powder… what would be a good sub??? any suggestions???

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