Vegan Egg w/ Yolk Sauce

Vegan Egg w/ Yolk Sauce
This is a recipe for a quick vegan egg. This vegan egg recipe also shows you how to make a delicious vegan egg sauce.

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Vegan Egg w/ Yolk Sauce


14 thoughts on “Vegan Egg w/ Yolk Sauce”

  1. Yes. Lovely to try on Saturday am ,however not a fan of tofu 🙄, where do you purchase black salt?

  2. you could add some lemon and cayenne and have a vegan hollandaise. some shallots, white wine vinegar, lemon, and tarragon and its a bearnaise. you are a french chef and didn't even know it.

  3. Omg this would be perfection with some warm tortillas 😍😋 Can't wait to try this! So far 4/5 of your recipes I've tried have come out perfect! 🙌👏

  4. VR ..!!). So proud of you for giving the Black salt a try and adding it for everyone else !!). Cause i know you said you dont care for the eggy taste soo Bravvvo Gurl 👏👏👏👏👏. Great show and i cant wait to try your sauce …

  5. just me or did hot for food make a suuuper similar video with very similar recipes to these two weeks ago..? Lol

  6. I know this is much to ask but can u please make this dish again using something other then tofu. Tofu is banned from my household. Thank u

  7. Have you ever had non vegans try your food? I know your husband has, but have you gotten some blind taste tests? I know your food has to be delicious. I just wonder how it compares.

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