What I Ate in a Day (NUTRIENT DENSE VEGAN!) + Skincare/Makeup Routine

What I Ate in a Day (NUTRIENT DENSE VEGAN!) + Skincare/Makeup Routine
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This video features everything I ate in a day including some super nutrient dense meals that I made for breakfast & lunch. This also includes my new skincare and makeup routine that I’ve been LOVING thanks to 100% Pure. See below ….

TAHINI SAUCE RECIPE (my new go-to dressing…) – https://wp.me/p7U7rQ-3de


Skincare & Body Care:
Fermented Rice Water Toner: https://100pu.re/2IlUu5G
Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream: https://100pu.re/2Kq2x2f
Hydra Drench Cream: https://100pu.re/2IILdIr
Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Potent PM Serum: https://100pu.re/2KXOXE6
Pink Grapefruit Whipped Body Butter: https://100pu.re/2rGL4L7
Rose Body Cream: https://100pu.re/2L0z8MY

Tomato Lycopene SPF 20 Moisturizer: https://100pu.re/2Ifr6lC
Bamboo Blur Tinted Moisturizer: Sand: https://100pu.re/2L41ciq
BB Cream Shade 20 Aglow SPF 15: https://100pu.re/2jUgNVI
Bamboo Blur Powder: https://100pu.re/2Io5Cir
Fruit Pigmented® Better Naked Palette: https://100pu.re/2wFWDYH
Maracuja Mascara: Black Tea: https://100pu.re/2rGZsDR
Long Last Liquid Eye Liner: Black Tea: https://100pu.re/2L1hjgJ

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Note: This video is kindly sponsored by 100% Pure.

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What I Ate in a Day (NUTRIENT DENSE VEGAN!) + Skincare/Makeup Routine


18 thoughts on “What I Ate in a Day (NUTRIENT DENSE VEGAN!) + Skincare/Makeup Routine”

  1. I was looking for a vegan c.f. BB cream with spf and it was really hard to find! I'm gonna check if they have a BB cream for my ghostly pale face 😀

  2. So pretty Rose 😍🌹 I love that eye look on you! It would look awesome with a little purple liner to make your eyes pop even more 💜 and a little highlight on your inner tear ducts. Love your videos I would love to see you incorporate get ready with me’s as well ☺️

  3. I've seen other people do or routine with these products but I really like the ones that you use the best. The advice on the Tinted Moisturizer and the BB cream it's the best advice I've heard yet for products.

  4. I still have not ordered anything from 100% pure, although I know I will someday. It just seems whenever I try to put a few things in my cart from their site it ends up being about $200 for about three items. I assume you have to amass the product slowly.

  5. LOVE the vodka bottle in the background XD Which brush do you use for the eyeshadow? Love you! <3

  6. I love 100% pure. This is what I use daily for the little makeup I use. Definitely worth every penny.

  7. The amount of product promo in this video is kinda disappointing.. like how long have you actually been using this product? I know its sponsored so its hard to know how good the product is…

  8. Dripping that drink on your shirt….just the thing that I would do. Great video Rose. Loved the vegan make up.

  9. Don't forget to get your neck when treating your skin with moisturizer or sunscreen and anti aging serums.

  10. Hey so was wondering if you have any discounts/offer codes concerning the make-up? Was looking at the mascara (since that's pretty much all that i use) and £23 is a bit much for me…

  11. I feel like I have B.B. cream and foundation somewhere but never use it cuz I dunno how! Lol and I don’t know if I have the right color for my skin. Makeup is so expensive when you don’t even know which one to get. 😂 Really enjoyed this video. Nice to know B.B. cream is the one to give glowing skin. May have to experiment! Will prob check back on this video again at some point gif thx skincare and makeup tips. It’s actually good for me to watch you as a ‘non beauty guru’ because I have no idea what I’m doing and when beauty gurus are like use this number with this number brush I’m all like whatttt. Too many steps!! 🤣

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