What is: American Italian PIZZA?! 🍕

What is: American Italian PIZZA?! 🍕
I’m on the hunt for LA’s best Italian American style pizza! In this episode I hit up 3 of the best pizza restaurants in Los Angeles- let me know what you think of this new series and what I should eat next!

Here’s the 3 spots I ate at:
Cosa Buona: http://www.cosabuona.com/
Triple Beam Pizza: https://www.triplebeampizza.com/
Casa Bianca: http://casabiancapizza.com/

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What is: American Italian PIZZA?! 🍕

10 thoughts on “What is: American Italian PIZZA?! 🍕”

  1. Loving the vids but Donal c'mon hawaiian pizza is the best! Pineapple on pizza is like one of my go to toppings!😂♥️

  2. Your videos deserve so many more views right now!! I mean this is QUALITY content!❤️❤️❤️

  3. You should do a video on chinese dim sum. My favorite is Lunasia dim sum on Main Street in Alhambra..

  4. I've been eating pizza from the same pizzeria for over thirty years. It is family owned, the father came over here from Italy (his accent is quite thick) with his brothers, and now his sons are taking the reins (the father still works, still makes great pizza, and is always glad to see me). This pizzeria is a two minute walk from my house, in a small town, and when I think of pizza, theirs is what I think of. People say that nothing compares to pizza from New York, but I say that New Jersey has the best pizza, and it's right down my street.

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