Whole Pork Loin | Basics with Babish

Whole Pork Loin | Basics with Babish
Thank you National Pork Board for sponsoring this video. Buy whole boneless pork loins from Sam’s Club and cook it to the proper cooking temperature: http://www.porkmonth.com/?utm_source=famebit&utm_campaign=porkmonth&utm_content=bingingwithbabish

This week on Basics I’m going to show you how to take an entire pork loin and break it down into a perfect pork roast with some additional pork chops.

Ingredients & Shopping List
Whole boneless pork loin
2-3 Tbsp fresh rosemary
8 cloves garlic, minced, plus 2-3 additional whole cloves
3 lemons
4 sprigs rosemary
4 sprigs thyme
Fresh parsley
Chicken stock
Dry sherry
2 sprigs thyme
2 Tbsp butter

Special Equipment & Tools
Mesh sieve
Food processor (for pork loin filling)
Butcher’s twine
Sous vide (optional for pork chops)
Vacuum sealer bags (if using sous vide)

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Whole Pork Loin | Basics with Babish

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  1. Babish, you should show how to break down a whole chicken into its separate parts. I could look it up on the googler but, I would rather my favorite beard on the internet show me how it's done.
    Love your channel !

  2. Hey! I think that you would enjoy making “Black Cake.” It is from the play about Emily Dickinson called “The Belle of Amherst.” She gives a very detailed recipe and it might be a lot of fun to make:)

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  4. My girlfriend already makes an incredible pork loin, but we really enjoyed the watch! Thanks a lot

  5. I really want to know which brand of watch you are wearing! It's so simple and I absolutely love it!

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