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What is FoodTronic?

FoodTronic is a website about food. We have recipes, restaurants and cookbooks on our site.

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FoodTronic is a one-stop shop for everything food. It’s a website that provides recipes, restaurants and cookbooks. It’s also a place where you can find the latest in food news.

Chef Recommendations

Chef Recommendations

We think the best way to find a good restaurant is to ask the chef themselves. Our chef recommendations represent the opinions of leading chefs around the world, who have reviewed their favorite places for dining out, eating at home and buying groceries at our partner stores. We update them regularly so you can be sure they are up-to-date and relevant. Each recommendation tells you how many stars it has been awarded by its author, plus there’s an overall rating based on all reviews by our chefs – so you know if they like this place or not! If you want more information about any specific restaurant then simply click through on its name or photo to read what they say!

Newest Recipes

With FoodTronic.com, we strive to keep our content fresh and up-to-date by adding new recipes each day. This can be done through the website, through our app, through our newsletter, or via social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram!

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Restaurants are listed by city and then alphabetically, with the best restaurants listed first. You can also search for restaurants by cuisine, location, rating or price. For example: if you want a Chinese restaurant in New York City that offers take-out service on weekdays before 5pm and costs less than $20 per person then search for “Chinese” + “New York City” + “take-out” + “weekends.”


Cookbooks in FoodTronic.com are always available to purchase or download. You can use them in the kitchen and as a reference, but they’re also great tools for learning new techniques and recipes!

Check out the newest recipes, restaurants and cookbooks!

Check out the newest recipes, restaurants and cookbooks! Get inspired by the latest food trends. Find the best restaurants and chefs in your area. Find new favorite recipes.

Find new favorite restaurants and chefs.


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